Why Do You Need To Be Over 18 To Be Tattooed?

Tattooing is considered a medical procedure as it permanently alters your body. It is still a wide spread rumour that you can be tattooed underage with parental consent, but this is a fallacy. Any procedures performed on a minor is considered child abuse and the practitioner can have their license revoked and legal action taken against them. It is entirely against the law and any reputable studio will refuse.

Another important reason is that the body hasn’t finished growing. If the tattoo is put into immature skin then stretching and distortion is likely to occur as the skin grows with the body.

At An79 Beautiful Tattoos we have had to turn down several people even who are 18 as they ask for obscure tattoos for the sake of a joke, a dare or just pick something as they are finally old enough. It isn’t advised to have something random as a forever blight on your skin, as what you may think you want at a young age is almost definitely not what you will still want when you’re older and removal or cover ups can be a long and difficult process.

Keep your skin beautiful.