Do You Really Know How To Take Care Of Your Tattoo?

Over the years, I have heard many different ways recommended to clients to take care of their tattoos during healing and beyond. As we learn what is beneficial or detrimental to the skin and the healing process we must adapt and educate to ensure optimum healing and the best possible outcome for Beautiful Tattoos.

I’m sure most people who have visited more than one studio or permanent makeup clinic will have received different aftercare instructions from each and it can be quite confusing. Some suggest regular washing, nappy rash creams, petroleum jelly, vitamin E, dry healing, the list is endless but what is really the best option?

As a skincare specialist I wouldn’t recommend anything which could be detrimental to the skin or to the beautiful artwork. Many aftercare creams, balms and lotions have hidden nasties in them which would not be obvious to the majority of people. For example, water is the most used ingredient in creams and lotions, and although it’s excellent at carrying nutrients to the deeper layers of skin, it also requires a cocktail of chemicals and emulsifiers to stop microbial bacteria growth, and so also taking these into the skin as well. There are many harmful ingredients in recommended aftercare and this can play a key role in the healing process and the outcome of a tattoo.

So what is the best aftercare procedure?

I have found from my research, surgeon contact, and many years of training and tattooing experience, that aftercare varies between each person and their skin type. Because of this, each person must have a tailored solution over time to ensure their best method.

Until a perfect regime can be implemented, there is an excellent routine which is a universal base for the healing process. Knowing in depth the healing process has helped me to realise the best point to introduce nutrients and where to allow the body to do it’s job.

There are four stages of the healing process which I will go through in depth on another post.

The first two stages are important that the body be allowed to start the healing itself. Introducing aftercare at this early stage could be detrimental by way of irritating a potentially open wound. The nutrients would go into the skin too quickly, triggering the body to attack the aftercare rather than focusing on the wound itself. When the body reaches the third stage, when a fine layer of scab begins to form is when aftercare should be introduced. This begins by day three after having the tattoo and is the best time to bring nutrients to the area and help assist with the regeneration of cells. This should be used once or twice per day until the scabs subside. Avoiding long periods of soaking during this time is important and protection from the sun as the skin is much more sensitive and susceptible to damage.

The correct nutrients to benefit the skin healing process is also incredibly important, as what goes into the skin can actually alter the skin’s DNA.

This is why I created An79 Aftercare. It has all natural and beneficial ingredients which is suitable for all skin types. It also has a naturally occurring UVA and UVB protection to ensure your artwork is kept safe during healing and avoids premature fade. I can’t stress enough how important the right aftercare regime is to your tattoo results and knowing the right point to give the best outcome every time. Your skin is the most glamorous outfit you will ever wear, keep it beautiful with An79.